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if cosθ=2/3 and tanθ<0 find the exact value





can some1 please help me?

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    Solution:Step1First replace x with (x-Δx) in the given funicton f(x) to obtainf(x+Δx) = 2(x+Δx)+1 = 2x + 2Δx + 1 Step2Rewrite f(x-Δx) as (2x + 2Δx + 1) and f(x) as (2x + 1) into the definition of the derivative limit to obtain: lim [(2x + 2Δx + 1) - (2x+1)] / ΔxΔx-> 0 Step 3Combine like terms on the numerator and the reduced expression becomes lim [2Δx] / ΔxΔx-> 0 Step 4Cancel out Δx from both numerator and denominator and finally you get the derivative Derivative of f (x) = 2x+1 = 2 -Note there was no need to substitute Δx with 0 since it was canceled out.

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