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What does a maple tree do for a community?
A)it creates energy
B)it creates food
C)it looks nice
D)it stores water

My answer is b,am i right?

  • science(Ms.Sue) -

    You're right. However, there are two other answers that are also right. Check your book and this site.

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  • science(Ms.Sue) -

    are the 2 other answers:D,A?

  • science(Ms.Sue) -

    I don't know about A.

    Please check your book.

  • science(Ms.Sue) -

    The food it creates might be for squirrels and insects. Most maples are not sugar maples, used to make syrup.

    Storing water is one of the things that it does, but this may not benefit a "community", except insofar as it stabilizes soil in landslide areas, such as certain islands of Puget Sound.

    It does create firewood (and therefore stores energy), a useful commodity in cold rural areas.

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