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My Awards (to share with teachers)

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1st Grade
participation in summer reading and math program

3rd Grade

2nd place in primary spelling bee
Certificate of Achievement: Math, Music, Good Citizenship, Student of the month - June (4 awards)

4th Grade

Parp Ribbin
Science Fair (scientific excellence)
Winner in Six Flags Reading

5th Grade

Science Fair
Merit Award (DARE)
Metal in All District Chorus
Math M.V.P.s (certificate of advievement)
Master Gardner
Saturday Academy
PARP Ribben
Winner in Six Flags Winner
6th Grade

Completion of 8th Grade
Excellence in Art
Science Fair
Ladies Club (chosen)
Completion of 25 books
Metal in All District Strings


Trophy in Karate (when i was little i pass, I pass this test)
White Belt
Yellow Belt
Green Belt

TOTAL - 32

Im hope u like it
i hope i get some other awards in gr 7th this year

  • My Awards (to share with teachers) -

    oops made a mistake completion of 6th grade not 8th grade srry about that

  • My Awards (to share with teachers) -

    the greeting award for gr 6th like acadmic advievement award (caefricte of merit)

  • My Awards (to share with teachers) -

    I hope you teachers like the awards I got from the past :)

  • My Awards (to share with teachers) -

    Do you guys like the awards I got :)

  • My Awards (to share with teachers) -

    Grade 4 = what is the Parp Ribbin? That is brand new to me!

    In karate I had an orange belt after the yellow belt and got to the blue belt but I was the only female and there were some mean men there! My instructor got even with them but I quit at that point!

    Careful with the spelling of "certificates" but do I like what you have done? I am properly impressed, Laruen. Keep it up! :)

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • My Awards (to share with teachers) -

    Thank You Sra!!! :)

    PARP stand for parents as reading partners

    it was a reading contest

    I join 3 contests this year reflections, battle of the books @ my school, and theis gift card contest. I working really hard :)

    i was chosen to be in ladies club we did a lot of fun stuff like decorate for our school dance, help the poorr, throw a party :), be guards @ the science fair and much more. I had a wonderful time :)

    My pricipal said that i'll get a lot of awards. I'll let you know what I got :)

    umm .. sra i thought you was a man oop srry about that it's because of your name now i know your a woman.

    this year I doing al district strings AGAIN :)

    next year in gr 8th Im doing ladies club again and roots and shoots it's a club when you help the world :)

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