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The reasons why copper dissolves in AgNO3 solution but remain insoluble in Pb(No3)2 me.thank you

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    See the activity series.
    A metal will displace any ION BELOW it in the activity series.
    Cu is ABOVE Ag but Cu is below Pb.
    Cu + 2AgNO3 ==> Cu(NO3)2 + 2Ag
    Cu + Pb(NO3)2 ==> No reaction because Cu is BELOW Pb in the series.

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    Solve simultaneously: 27 raise to power of x-y =9/3 raise to power of x,2 raise to power of x-2y =0.5.THANK YOU.

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    Your post will get lost here. You should post a new one at the top of the page and use the subject of math.

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