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Using the weight equation, weight = (mass)(strength of gravity field) or Fg = mg, calculate your mass in kilograms.

Constants: Strength of the gravity field near the surface of the earth, g = 9.8 m/s2. 4.448 Newtons equals one pound of force. You can find the other constants you may need on the Astronomy Formula Chart.

(Don't forget measurement units! If there are two blanks, enter the numerical value in the first blank, and the measurement unit in the second blank. Example: 1.0 m + 1.0 m = .)

Your mass in kilograms:

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    I can't solve it without knowing your
    weight. LOL. Okay, I'll use my weight.

    Wt. = 160 Lbs.
    m = 160Lbs * 0.454kg/Lb = 72.64kg.

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