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L. Frank Baum was born in New York in 1856. He is best known as the author of the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
Baum thought of the idea for his book one evening in 1899. He was making up a story to tell his sons and their neighborhood friends.
He dreamed up a story of a young girl named Dorothy who was swept from her Kansas home by a tornado and taken to a magical land where she met a scarecrow,a tin woodsman, and a lion.

Suddenly a neighborhood girl interrupted Baum to ask the name of the magical lanf. For a minute, the great storyteller was stumped. He couldn't think of a name. Baum was sitting next to a 3 drawer filing cabinet that night. The first drawer was labeled A-G the second H-N and the third O-Z. He glanced at the bottom drawer and read Oz, and the name of the magical land was born.
Later that night Mrs.Baum who had also been listening to the story as she worked on her sewing urged Frank to write the story down. Quick as a wink Baum produced a written copy of his story, His friend W.W Denslow agreed to draw the artwork for the story,
Then they tried to find a company to print and sell the book.
Baum submitted the oz story to a book company which he had worked with on an earlier book. After the men made whhat they believed to be a fair deal the company began printing the book. At that time the title of Baum's story was The Emerald City. While the book was being produced Baum changed the title 3 times first to From Kansas to Fairyland and then to The City Of Great Oz. Finally Baum and the book comapny came up with a title that pleased them both: The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz. The book was trmendously popular. Baum had many many ideas for stories and he tried to tell them,but none of his books sold as well as the wonderful wizard of oz. When he went to a new book compaany in 1904 the firtst book they wanted from him was a new book about Oz. Readers wanted to know more about the Oz ca=haracters so Baum wrote 21 more Oz books before his death in 1919. in 1939 the first Oz book was made into the very popular film The Wizard Of Oz.

What is the main idea of this passage?
A. The Wonderful Wizard Of OZ was a very popular book
B.L.Frank Baum wrote the wonderful wizard of oz
C.L. Frank Baum was a famous author
D. Baum made up stories for his children and their friends
I think it's B

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