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3rd grade math

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A rectangle measures 30 feet by 20 feet and has a post at each corner. If posts are placed 2 feet apart. How many posts will there be in all?

  • 3rd grade math -

    I would have to find a piece of graph paper and draw it out for myself! But let me see if this is right:

    All totaled, there would be 100 feet of fencing, so it seems there would be 50 posts. BUT 4 of those posts (the corner posts) would be counted twice, right?

    So is this right?

    30+30+20+20 = 100
    100/2 = 50
    50 - 4 = ??

  • 3rd grade math -

    If you start at one corner, it is 100 feet around, so each 2 feet place a post, or 50 posts.

    To visualize this, sketch a 20x30 rectange, and place a post every 10 feet. Count the posts. You get 100/10=10 posts.

  • 3rd grade math -

    how many packages of ribbon will sarah buy?

  • 3rd grade math -

    I definitely know the answer to that one, luis. It's probably around 58,007,450 packages of ribbon.

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