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Posted by Henry2 on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 9:37am.

Could you please chech the writing of the dates in letters? I included a few questions on Macbeth.

1) 2003: two thousand and three/twenty oh three
2) 1805: eighteen oh five/eighteen hundred and five.
3) What are the most dominant themes in Shakespeare’s Macbeth?
4) What historical period did the English Renaissance cover and what was it characterized by? Explain its conception of order and the role attached to man and nature respectively.
5) What features characterize Lady Macbeth’s personality and what kind of behaviour does she show towards her husband in Act II, Scene II? What does she suggest he should do?
6) In murdering Duncan Macbeth has deprived his life of sleep: list all the expressions (metaphors??) he uses to refer to sleep. What do these images stress?
7) Which dramatic pattern follow most Shakespeare’s plays? They are made of five acts which mainly follow this dramatic pattern: Act 1: introduction; Act II: development etc.

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