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Let a force of 1500 Newtons act through a distance of 200 meters on a 1500 kg car which starts from rest.

a. What is the work done?

b. What is the final velocity?

c. What is the car's momentum?

d. What is the car's change in momentum?

e. What is the car's Kinetic Energy?

f. What is the car's change in Kinetic Energy?

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    1/2 mv^2=work done solve for v
    KE= workdone=1/2mv^2
    change in KE= 1/2 mv^2-1/2 m*0^2

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    . A car moving at 35 m/s on dry pavement, skids to a stop over 175 m. What is the coefficient of friction between the car’s tires and the pavement?

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    if 1000 kg car lifted through a distance of 0.50 m in 20 seconds what is the work done and the power spent in 20 seconds?

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