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Please try to be clear in your explanation!!
A swimmer bounces straight up from a diving board and falls feet first into a pool. She starts with a velocity of 5.00 m/s, and her takeoff point is 1.50 m above the pool.

(a) How long are her feet in the air?

(b) What is her highest point above the board?

(c) What is her velocity when her feet hit the water?


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    Use the 5 kinematic eqns since she has uniform acceleration (gravity). for a, you have how far up she is from landing (displacement), the acceleration (gravity), Vi(5m/s up), and you're solving for time. make sure your signs are correct when you calculate though.
    For b, the highest point is at the vertex, use the one kinematic eqn that doesn't involve t, because you don't care about time. At the highest point don't forget that V2 is zero for that one instant.
    and for c, you know how far she is from the ground, and use the same equation that disregards time, and make sure your signs are all correct.

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    umm sry i don't understand, im in just regualr physics and i don't konw what kinematic or any equations are. could you give me the equation or something

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