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an object of mass 1.5 kg on a spring of force constant 600N/m loses 3% of its energy in each cycle.THE SYSTEM IS DRIVEn by a sinosuidal force with maximim value of F0=0.5N.(a) What is Q for this system?.(b) What is the resonance (angluar)frequency? (c) If the driving frequendy is varied what is the width delta w of the resonance? (d) What is the amplitude at resonance?(c) What is the amplutude if the driving frequency is w=19 rad\s?
Picture the Problem: We can find q from 1=2 PI(delta E\E)cycle and then ise this result to find the width of the resonance deltaw=w\Q.The resonance frequency is the natural frequency.The amplitude can be found from Equation 14-49 both at resonance and off resonance with damping contant caculated from Q using Equation 14-41 in the from b=w0m\Q

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