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Could you please check this other exercise on reporting verbs? Thank you.

1) “Would you like to go for a motorbike ride uphill?”, he said to me.
He invited me to go .....
2) “I’m sorry, I broke your glasses.” He admitted breaking the vase./He apologized for breaking the vase./He confessed to breaking the vase.
3) “If I were you, I’d leave tomorrow morning,” he said. He advised me to leave the following day. He suggested I leave the following day.
4) “Remember to park outside the house,” he said. He reminded me to park outside the house.
5) “Let’s make pizza,” he said. He suggested/advised/proposed making pizza.
6) “Sorry, but I won’t do it”, he said. He refused to do it.
7) “It’s a pity we missed the beginning of the film,” he said. He regretted missing...
8) “OK, I’ll phone Mary for you”, she said. She offered/agreed to phone...
“Come in and shut the door”, he said. He ordered me/us to come in and shut the door.
9)"No, I don't want to travel to London by train", she said. She objected to travelling to London..

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    5 -- also -- He said we should make pizza.

    8 -- also -- He told us to ... ~ He suggested that we ...

    All others are fine.

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