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The heat capacity of liquid water is 4.18 J/g·°C and the heat of vaporization is 40.7 kJ/mol. How many kilojoules of heat must be provided to convert 1.00 g of liquid water at 67°C into 1.00 g of steam at 100°C?

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    q1 = heat to raise T of liquid H2O from 67 C to 100 C.
    q1 = mass x specific heat H2O x (Tfinal-Tinitial)

    q2 = heat to convert liquid water @ 100 C to steam @ 100 C.
    q2 = mass x delta Hvap.

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    The specific heat capacity of liquid water is 4.184 J/goC
    Calculate the energy (in kJ) required to heat 25 g of liquid water from 25oC to 100 oC

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