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Posted by StuartKess on Sunday, November 13, 2011 at 3:41am.

1. When 20cm^3 of a gaseous Allene burns in an excess of oxygen, 60cm^3 of carbon dioxide are formed. Both volumes are measures at r.t.p.
What is the formula of alkene?
Is it C3H6 or C6H12 and why?

2. A student investigate the reaction of vegetable oil with hydrogen.
100cm^3 of hydrogen was bubbled through 1g samples of four different vegetable oils containing a suitable catalyst. The volume of hydrogen remaining after each experiment was recorded.

P(vegetable oil).  100cm^3(vol of hydrogen remain)
Q(vegetable oil).   87cm^3(vol of hydrogen remain)
R(vegetable oil).   63cm^3(vol of hydrogen remain)
S(vegetable oil).    0cm^3(vol of hydrogen)

Which vegetable oils are unsaturated? And why is it so?
A. P,Q,R
B.Q and R
C. Q,R,S
D.S only

Thanks so much! :)

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