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I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much.

2) I’m fond of listening to country music. I’m sad about getting low marks at school.
3) I'm familiar with driving to .. (I can't find a good example). I’m worried about his going out alone.
4) I approve of your going to the disco alone. I’m enthusiastic about Peter’s spending his summer with us.
5) That shop is famous for making excellent ice cream.
6) What about the following
verbs "interfere with + -ing", "take part in + ing" and "depend on + -ing"???

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    I'm familiar with driving to Magnolia from Klein.
    I'm used to driving from Houston to Austin and back.

    He doesn't want to interfere with his daughter's friendship with our new neighbor.

    They will all take part in swimming across the river next week.

    She depends on his sending her $100 each week while she's attending school away from home.

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    All the others are fine.

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