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Posted by Kristi on Friday, November 11, 2011 at 11:11pm.

For all of the following use the five step process to solve the problem in the question, that is, state the null hypothesis, the alternative hypothesis, the level of significance and the type of test (z-test, t-test, p-value, confidence limit and whether it is two tailed, one-tailed upper or one tailed lower – note that you may need several terms to describe the test) you will use and why, and state your decision rule. As part of your answer sketch out the solution on a normal curve showing the critical value, the calculated value and the p-value.

2. According to a recent survey, Americans get an average of seven (7) hours of sleep each night. A random sample of 150 SDSU students revealed that the average amount of sleep for the students was 6 hours and 48 minutes (6.8 hours) with a standard deviation of .9 hours. From the data is it reasonable to conclude that the students at SDSU sleep less than the average American? Use the .05 level of significance

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