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Posted by lisa on Friday, November 11, 2011 at 2:30pm.

This email must me turned into a Routine Inquiry.
I'm currently having a retail company that I import biological products, called 'Healthy life'.
I saw your company advertisment on october 2011 in Dwell magazine and decided to communicate with you. I'm interesting to have a cooperation with Kashi by importing some of your products. i have some quenstions about your company. if we finally make a deal is it possible to start importing your products at the beginning of the new year?
I have three stores in england and I expect to distribute your products there. is your company arrage some sort of discount for large orders?
How much percent of fat or sugar your snacks are containing?
Thank you
Your Faithfully
Lisa Jones
CEO of Healthy Life, Co

of course I will add everything that an email contains (To, Subject)

This is mine I just did it as I mention is a Routine Inquiry.

Dear Kashi,
Will you please answer the following quenstions about your company products advertised on October 2011 Dwell magazine? we are interesting in ordering some of your products like snacks.
1. If we finally make a deal is it possible to start importing your products at the beginning of the new year?
2.What is the percentage of sugar in your snack products?
3.What vitamines the snack are containing?
4.Are the packages of bars ecological?
5. Are you planning new product line?

Lisa Jones, CEO
Healthy Life, Co

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