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Public schools vs. Private schools
Private and public schools education differs in several ways. There are many differences of both types of schools such as their academic programs, class sizes and admissions requirements that makes a private school better than a public school. Students performance in public and private schools differs a lot. Private schools often have better grades and test scores. They have smaller class sizes and a lower student to teacher ratio. They allow students to have the instructor’s individualized attention and faster access to the teachers. However, public school students have larger class sizes and more students. So therefore, students would have less individualized attention. Another aspect of private schools superiority is they provide challenging courses for the advanced students. While, public schools only teach general or common studies that would be required to graduate. In addition, admission enrollment requirement plays another difference. Private schools have a different admission requirement. They accept students according to its academic standards, providing a safer learning environment with less bullying which can improve students concentration. Unlike private schools, public schools are required to educate all children by law and can't deny any students. Admitting all sorts of children into classrooms often leads to disturbance causing higher chances of bullying, distractions and violence.

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