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Homework Help: 7th Grade English

Posted by Laruen on Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 7:04pm.

I have this project for english about the PTA Reflections. Ok you see we have to write a 5 paragraph essay in which I discuss what you believe diversity means. Be sure yo have a topic sentence for each new paragraph, and provide supporting details. Please be creative and come up with a catchy title that you put into quotation marks. Sorry about that I was explaing it to you what do I have to do (copyed for assignment sheet my teacher gave me). This assignment is due on monday (so I have today tomorrow since there is no school and the weekend.

Here is my notes when I gathered information.

. Culture
. what good or bad about it
- people dont understand (ppl languages)
- Diversity - the condition of being diffent (got it from teacher)
- school and community
- languages
- spanish and french classes (@ skool)
- music
- dances/clothes

My teacher said that our essay is beign graded as a project and that if you want to you can hand it in to the Reflection program.

Is there anything alse I can add ti my notes so that way I can use that to write my essay I know I need more detials but if you teacher want to your decicion can give me info. on each topic I wrote there about diversity to help me or my essay that YOUR CHOSE.

Thank You!!!!

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