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Suppose a planet is discovered orbiting a distant star with 13 times the mass of the Earth and 1/13 its radius. How does the escape speed on this planet compare with that of the Earth?

Ve new
------- =
ve earth

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    Escape velocity derives from Ve = sqrt[2µ/r] where Ve = escape velocity in ft/sec., µ = the gravitational constant of the earth and r = the surface radius.

    µ can also be stated as GM where G = the gravitational and M = the mass of the planet.

    Therefore, Ve can be simply expressed by
    Ve = sqrt[2(13)µ/(r/13)] = sqrt[169(2µ/r] =
    13 times earth's escape velocity of Ve = 36,747fps = 25,054mph or 325,712mph.

    V(new)/V(earth) = 13

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