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Pleaseee help explain how to draw the free body diagrams for this problem!!!

Two blocks with masses m1 = 10.9 kg and m2 = 79.3 kg, shown in the figure (in the figure the 79.3kg block(m2) is on a flat surface, the 10.9kg(m1) block is pinned against the block with the greater mass and elevated off the surface that m2 is resting on), are free to move. The coefficent of static friction between the blocks is 0.66 but the surface beneath m2 is frictionless. What is the minimum force F required to hold m1 against m2? in the diagram the force in acting horizontally to the right on m1.

i don't need the whole problem worked out. i just want to understand how the forces acting on the two blocks should be drawn in the free body diagram.

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