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A half of what John's age was 4 years ago is equal to one third of what it will be in 5 years' time. How old is John now? Explain your workings

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    Let John's present age be x
    Four years ago John was x-4
    Half of John's age 4 years ago = (x-4)/2

    John's age in 5 years from now = x+5
    a third of his age 5 from now = (x+5)/3

    (x-4)/2 = (x+5)/3
    3x - 12 = 2x + 10
    x = 22

    So John is now 22 years old

    4 years ago he would have been 18
    5 years from now he will be 27
    is half of 18 equal to a third of 27 ? YES

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