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Obesity is one of the major causes of health problems in the United States. Research has been done about this topic for many years. It is more common in the United States because of all the different fast food restaurants. Among the states in the United States , 22 of those states were founded to be obese in 2006. Mississippi and West Virginia was the leading for obesity (Green 33). Often, people do not take this health issue as seriously as they should. Obesity can occur in the early stage of one’s life and get worse over time. Some people think that it is caused by just eating too much junk food, but it can also be lack of exercise, and many other factors as well. As adults, we should watch what our children eat and make sure that they partake in some type of exercise each day. Sitting in front of the television playing video games or just walking through the house is not considered exercising. Obesity can be caused by overeating, genes, and stress.
First, overeating is the major problem in obesity. People do not watch the different calories and protein that they intake on a daily basis. Each day the body requires a certain amount of food, according to the Food Pyramid developed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). A lot of times, we eat things just because it is in our presence. One has to take control of his or her mind and tell it when enough is enough. Sometimes, it just seems like we cannot get full, but as older people sometimes say, “Your eyes are bigger than your belly.”
Also, obesity is not always caused by overeating, but it can be a hereditary issue. Most of the time if both parents are obese then the child or children will be obese as well. A reason is that the parents have not formed a eating and lifestyle habit. Some families struggle day to day trying to find ways to prevent this problem among their children and themselves. Jillian Michaels said, “Just because your whole family is overweight does not mean that is your destiny. We can change the expression by involving our physical and cellular environment, diet, and lifestyle choices’’ (26).
Next, we tend to let stress overtake us. Many people do not know exactly how to handle stress. Often, people that stress, lose sleep, exercise less, and drink a lot of alcohol, all which can promote obesity (“Stress and Overeating” 6). Of course there is good stress and bad stress. Bad stress is not good for the body because overtime you will find yourself gaining excess weight when you could have prevented it. Some people when they get frustrated or things seem to overwhelm them they tend to eat. However, this is not a good idea because you are not doing anything but causing different health problems to occur in your body. Some of the problems could be high blood pressure, shortness of breath, diabetes, and arthritis.
Obesity is continuing to grow day by day. However, we need to discipline ourselves so that we can lower the percentage of obesity among children and adults. There are so many things we can do to help make us healthier and less worried about whether we will be able to see tomorrow or not. This is a goal that he or she has to be willing to do. The key thing is to start by forming a group that will motivate him or her to lose weight. Overeating, genes, and stress have caused obesity for so many years, but we can take a stand and change it now.

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    "states were founded" = were found

    Mississippi and West Virginia was = WERE leading = plural subject requires plural verb

    formed a eating = an eating

    them they tend = them, tend, etc.


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