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A 10.0 g cube of each of the following metals is heated to 100 °C
and dropped (without loss of heat during transfer) into separate but identical beakers containing 100 mL of water at 25 °C. The temperature of the water in the beaker is measured at equilibrium. Which metal will cause the temperature of the water in the beaker to change the most?
Specific Heat (J/g!K)
A. Al(s) 0.903
B. Cu(s) 0.385
C. Au(s) 0.128
D. Fe(s) 0.449
E. They would all change the temperature by the same amount.

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    i just searched for this question too hahah chem 110 psu

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    Which holds the most heat?
    q = mass metal x specific heat x delta T.
    q = 10g x sp.h. x (100-25).

    To make q large, specific heat must bae (large/small)?

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