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In the spring, 80% of the sheep in a flock of sheep had lambs. of those sheep with lambs, 30% had one lamb, 40% had two lambs and the rest had 3 lambs. a total of 240 lambs were born. how many sheep are in the flock? you must show your working.

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    If you post a problem, remember you are asking for help. I get put off when you say, "you must show your working," first because I do not in fact have to do it at all, and second, it's bad English.

    So, rather than just doing a copy and paste, edit it so it looks like you're requesting assistance.

    So, on to the problem:

    240 lambs were born
    80% of sheep had lambs, so there were 240/.8 = 300 sheep in the flock

    That answers the question.

    If you are interested in how many had 1,2,3 lambs, then

    30% of 240 = 72 had 1 lamb
    40% of 240 = 96 had 2 lambs
    That leaves 30% = 72 had 3 lambs

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