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Adv. English 9

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If someone could help me answer any one of these that would be great. :)
1.Name and explain the information provided in the exposition of the story. Then, name the point at which the climax takes place and explain why it is the climax. Finally, tell what is provided in the denouement. Why is that the denouement?
2.Describe the conflicts that exist in this story, and tell specifically how they create a tension that provides the energy that drives the story.
3.What point of view is used in this story? Explain how a reader would know this is true. How does this point of view affect the information conveyed in the story and ultimately the reader's experience of the story? Even though the narrator does not make the story entirely clear, would she be considered reliable or unreliable? Explain.
4. Describe carefully the characterization used in this story.
5. Is there a theme to this story? If so, state it properly, and after stating the theme, use specific details from the story to explain why that theme is valid. If no theme exists, explain what, then, the author is trying to accomplish with this story.
6. How is foreshadowing used throughout the story? Referring to story events, explain how this builds tension , provides clues to future events, and/or connects in any other way to the story.

  • Adv. English 9 -

    for the story Liberty by Julia Alvarez..

  • Adv. English 9 -

    Please note that no one here will do your work for you. However, we will be happy to read over what YOU THINK and make suggestions and/or corrections.

    Please post what you think.

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