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Past tense and Present tense in essay

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“Antigone” written by Sophocles shows Antigone, the main character as a tragic hero. Antigone is the true tragic hero because she acts without anticipating the consequences of her rebellion, realizes she has made an irreversible mistake only after it is too late to fix it, and is responsible for an unhappy ending for all of the characters.

I need to make my thesis present tense.
How would you write the first sentence in present tense?

Also is has in present tense?

  • Past tense and Present tense in essay -

    You have done that: shows, is, acts, realizes, is


    Yes, has is Present Tense, while had is Past Tense. Literary works are usually written about in the Present Tense.


  • Past tense and Present tense in essay -

    Thanks, but isn't "written" past tense?

  • Past tense and Present tense in essay -

    The verb form "written" is the past participle (used by itself as an adjective, as you have done in your thesis) of the verb "to write," but it can be used to form different tenses if it's used with different auxiliary verbs. Examples:

    has written = present perfect tense, active voice
    had written = past perfect tense, active voice
    has been written = present perfect tense, passive voice
    had been written = past perfect tense, passive voice

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