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4. one joule per second is equal to one---
5. Joules per second is an alternative unit use for expressing----
6. A typical bicycle is a --- machine
7. When Ma>1 the machine effort force is ---- than the resistance force.
8. A landscaper pushes a lawnmower a distance of 60 m using 80 N of force. The angle of the lawnmower handle with respect to the ground is 45 degree. How much work is done by the landscaper?
my answer are please check if i am correct.
4. watt
5. watt
6. comound
7. greater
8. 3.394 J

  • physics -

    4. watt
    5. POWER
    7. LESS
    8. 3.394 J are you in Europe? IN USA we write 3,394 J with a comma for thousands

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