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The morning was frigid and the roads covered with ice. As Paula drove to work, she was cautious, especially in less-traveled areas. When she entered the main highway, the situation was worse than she expected. As she passed a truck that had slid off the road, another vehicle lost control and spun around in front of her. She reacted rapidly, evaluating the danger and turning her car just in time to miss the out-of-control driver. She remembered not to attempt to use the breaks. As she continued on her way, she observed that her rate of breathing had accelerated and she felt much more alert than she had earlier. Paula experienced:

a. an increase in serotonin which prepared her for the emergency situation.

b. a marked decrease in GABA which enabled her to think more clearly.

c. the action of the sympathetic nervous system which prepared her for crisis.

d. a change in the cortical complex as it reacted to danger.

I think it is either a or c.

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