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Directions: Revise the following sentences to eliminate unnecessary shifts in tense,
mood, voice, or person and number and between direct and indirect discourse. Most of
the items can e revised in more than one way. Examples:

• When a person goes to college, you face many new situations.
• Revised: When a person goes to college, he or she faces many new situations.
• Revised: When people go to college, they face many new situations.

1. The greed of the 1980s gave way to the occupational insecurity of the 1990s, which
in turn gives way to reinforced family ties in the early 2000s.
2. The building inspector suggested that we apply for a construction permit and that we
should check with his office again when the plans are complete.
3. She studied the package, wondered what could it be, and tore off the wrapping.
4. Suddenly, we heard an explosion of wings off to our right, and you could see a
hundred or more ducks lifting off from the water.
5. In my previous job, I sold the most advertising sports and was given a sales
excellence award.
6. A cloud of snow powder rose as skis and poles fly in every direction.
7. The flight attendant said, “Please turn off all electronic devices,” but that we could use
them again after takeoff.
8. Workers with computer skills were in great demand, and a programmer could almost
name their salary.
9. When in Florence, be sure to see the cityʼs famed cathedral, and many tourists also
visit Michelangeloʼs statue David.
10.The aroma, which wafts through the house, lured the adults from their beds.

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