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Could you please check the following sentences for me? Thank you.

1) She delayed taking a shower.
2) She was caught cheating (by a teacher).
3) Sha saw him chatting up a girl.
He was seen to chat up a girl.
4) An animal's reaction to a drug is different from that of a human.
5) I'm opposed to animal testing/to testing drugs/to carrying out experiments on animals (rather than on humans?).
6) The sign forbids fishing in the river.
They encouraged studying hard.
No-one is going to join the drama course.

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    All is fine except in the last sentence.

    "No one" is two words, without a hyphen.

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    Well ... I think "join" isn't the right word to use with "course" ... it would be correct to say "... to enroll in the drama course."

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