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URGENT Chemistry question

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a chemist wanted to make 100 grams of SO2. She had only 12 grams of sulfur and 4 grams of oxygen. Unfortunately, the amounts of reactants were not enough to make the desired product. How much S and O2 would she need in order to obtain the desired grams of product with no leftovers?
S + 02 = SO2 + NO LEFT OVER

  • URGENT Chemistry question -

    S + O2 ==> SO2
    How many moles SO2 are needed? That is 100g/molar mass SO2 = 100/about 64 = about 1.6 but you need to do it more accurately.
    Using the coefficients in the balanced equation, convert 1.6 moles SO2 to
    a) moles S
    b) moles O2

    1.6 mols SO2 x (1 mole S/1 mole SO2 = 1.6 x 1/1 = 1.6 moles S needed.

    1.6 moles SO2 x (1 moles O2/1 mole SO2) = 1.6 x 1/1 = 1.6 moles O2 needed.

    Now convert 1.6 moles S and 1.6 moles O2 to grams.
    moles x molar mass = grams.

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