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AP Physics b

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Design a carnival ride on which standing passengers are pressed against the inside curved wall of a rotating vertical cylinder. It is to turn at most at 1/7 revolution per second. Assuming a minimum coefficient of friction of 0.10 between clothing and wall, what diameter should the ride have if we can safely make the floor drop away when it reaches running speed?

  • PHD PHYS -

    r = vt / (2*pi)

    r = (1/7)v/(2*pi)

    r =~ 0.0227364v

    μ = v^2 /rg
    0.1 = v^2 /9.8*r
    0.98 = v^2 / 0.0227364v
    v's cancel and left with
    0.98 = v / 0.0227364
    then solve for V

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