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A tortoise can run with a speed of 16.0 cm/s, and a hare can run exactly 25 times as fast. In a race, they both start at the same time, but the hare stops to rest for 2.00 min. The tortoise wins by 20.0 cm.
(a) How long does the race take?
(b) What is the length of the race?

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    OMG !! i was suck on this question for like a billion years !! and i still havent gotten the answer!:(

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    Look at the time when you posted this question. Can you figure out why there's no physics tutor online then?

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    speed of tortoise = 16 cm/s
    speed of hare = 25(16) or 400 cm/s

    let the time for tortoise be t seconds
    then time for hare = t-120 seconds

    distance for tortoise = 16t
    distance for hare = 400(t-120)
    but they went the same distance, so ....
    400(t-120) = 16t
    400t - 48000 = 16t
    384t = 48000
    t = 125

    the race took 125 seconds or
    2 minutes and 5 seconds

    the length of the race was 16t = 16(125) = 2000 cm or 20 metres.

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