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Upon examining its records, a hospital computes the distribution of the number of days a patient stays at the hospital. They find that 50% of patients stayed just one day before leaving. 30% stayed two days, and 10% stayed 3 days.
a.) A patient is selected at random from the hospital's records. Keeping in mind that every patient stays at least one day, what is the chance that this patient stayed longer than 3 days? Show your work.

b.) For the hospital, the mean length of stay was 4.3 days. Thus,
A.) the mean length of stay is larger than the median.
B.) the mean length of stay is smaller than the median.
C.) the mean length of stay is the same as the median.
D.) it is impossible to tell whether the mean is larger or smaller than the median.

Pick one and explain.

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    That is only 90% of the patients. Did the other 10% die?

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