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I still have a few doubts on the use of infinitive and gerund. I hope you can check these sentences, too.

1)It took a lot of time for Jane to arrive.(is it wrong to say "It took Jane a lot of time to arrive?")
2) Why not go to the theatre, instead?
(Is it the same as: Why don't we go to the theatre..?)
3) I found my sister reading my diary. (Is "find" always followed by the gerund')
4) On passing by his bedroom I saw him studying. (Does it mean "When I passed by...?)
5) Why don't you try eating less? You might feel better.
He proposed (he meant, he intended) to rent a car, but then he changed his mind.
6) I hope to have finished this book by next week. (Is it the same as "I hope I'll finish this book..)
7) Having missed the bus, he arrived to school quite late. (= As/since he had missed the bus,....)
8) I'm worried about Brian's/Brian working so hard. I don't mind his/him going out after dinner. (Both possible??)
9) They encouraged/recommended/proposed/advised/suggested taking the motorway. (all possible?)
The don't allow/permit playing in the park.

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    1. Either phrasing works fine.

    2. Both are fine, but they are not exactly alike in meaning.

    3. Not always.

    4. Yes, they both mean the same thing.

    5-7 and 9. All variations are fine.

    8. ... Brian's working... (Brian working is incorrect)

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