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3. Which of the following is NOT a physical change both boys and girls experience during adolescence?
a. facial acne
b. growth spurts
c. rinse in sex hormones
d. deepening of voice
C or D..

4. For teens to communicate effectively with their parents, they should
a. vent frustration and anger in a physical way
b. avoid conflict
c. listen to their parents' side
d. not talk to their parents
I'm confused with this one because my book says B and C..


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    #3 -- I can't believe you aren't choosing the obvious one right away!!
    (And I think you mean "rise" instead of "rinse," right?)

    #4 -- To me, C is an absolute must, but (of course) we all know that 15-16 year olds know everything and don't need to listen to anyone! Well, most of them that I've run across, anyway!!

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    3. must be d.

    4. Perhaps your book advises to TRY to avoid conflict. However, I think C. is the best answer.

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