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I am having trouble understanding how to reduce fractions to its lowest term...

All I can understand is I have to find the lowest number that will divide into both numerator and denominator.

How do I understand the solution on how to reduce fractions to its lowest terms?

Here is one In my book that even explains it but I still don't understand it.

Reduce this.

I know the answer is 14/31 but how do I get the answer?

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    One way to reduce fractions is to start with a small number.

    I know that 155 and 70 is divisible by 5 because they end in 0 or 5.

    70/155 = 14/31

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    okay, you can divide them both by 5,

    getting 14/31 that is all

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    how do u turn 41 over 16 unitl a mixed faction

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