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Posted by yuna on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at 10:47am.

hi everyone someone can say me if my dialogue it's good and say me also about the fault:)thnaks

This scene takes place at Brian's parents home.
Banks informs his wife about the call he has just had with their son

"Sandra you can come and sit down next to me please,I would like to talk about something".He says proudly .

"Ok wait i come!!"She says loudly.
"I am here!i am listen to you!"She says.

"I spoke with our son today and he told me about the esult of his exam which is not very good"He says bitterly.

"Realy!How has he had got in his exam?She reply.

"He...(hesitantly)he got a third"He says angrily.

"What!! a third!! this is a very a very bad result"She says crossly.

"Yeah i know darling,and he told me also that he would like to make career in the music business"He add.

"He really said that?!I can not believe to my hours.When i think that i have done everything for him does not become like you.if you had cared for him properly, who knows maybe he would have been more than that"She says loudly.

"Like me!why you say that?!"He says crossly.

"Like father,like son!After all you had not better at his age!I am not reason?"

Banks in these words found nothing to say and and go away the living room.

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