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Thank you very much for your corrections!
Here are other statements on the same newspaper article.

1) The cheetah reintroduction programme is kicking off (starting?) with a meeting of experts in September.
2) The project includes the foundation of a breeding site in which cheetahs imported from Africa will be kept at the beginning of the project. Once this centre has been established and is working well, cheetahs will then be introduced into other suitable habitats around the country.
3) Experts hope that the reintroduction of cheetahs will encourage better land use as well as help protect other rare species in the same area.
4) Furthermore, supporters of the cheetah plan point to the Gir Forest in Gujerat which constitutes a secure refuge for the Asiatic lion.
5) Others claim that the lion population in the Gir Forest is under threat from epidemics (is threatened by epidemics is possible?) and both natural and man-made disasters.
6) Further, the lions are forced to live in a limited space surrounded by heavy human habitation (by houses) though they require large territories.
Nevertheless, another project has been recently drawn up to save the last Asian lions from extinction.

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    1. "kicking off" is slang -- "starting" is standard.

    3. comma after "land use"

    5. Either phrasing works.

    6. It might be better to use the word "dense" rather than "heavy." To use "houses" would work, too, but you'd have to rephrase other parts of the sentence.

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