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Homework Help: Business Finance

Posted by GypsyQueen on Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 10:37pm.

Immediate help needed for the following two questions: 15-12A. (Break-even point) You are a hard-working analyst in the office of financial operations for a manufacturing firm that produces a single product. You have developed the following cost structure information for this company. All of it pertains to an output level of 10 million units. Using this information, find the break-even point in units of output for the firm.

Return on operating assets = 25%
Operating asset turnover = 5 times
Operating assets = $20 million
Degree of operating leverage = 4 times

15-13A. (Break-even point and operating leverage) Allison Radios manufactures a complete line of radio and communication equipment for law enforcement agencies. The average selling price of its finished product is $180 per unit. The variable cost for these same units is $126. Allison
Radios incurs fixed costs of $540,000 per year.

a. What is the break-even point in units for the company?
b. What is the dollar sales volume the firm must achieve in order to reach the break-even

c. What would be the firm’s profit or loss at the following units of production sold:
12,000 units? 15,000 units? 20,000 units?

d. Find the degree of operating leverage for the production and sales levels given in part (c).

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