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1. (Points: 2)
The bank will not (lend, loan) money for home repairs.

b. loan

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2. (Points: 2)
My allergies sometimes cause me to (loose, lose) my voice.

b. lose

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3. (Points: 2)
Please leave the report on the desk, and either John or (myself, I) will pick it up.

b. I

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4. (Points: 2)
The (principal, principle) earned almost no interest last year.

a. principal

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5. (Points: 2)
The parade (preceded, proceeded) down Main Street in spite of the rain.

b. proceeded

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6. (Points: 2)
The small workshop was full of large (stationary, stationery) tools.

b. stationery

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7. (Points: 2)
We were (suppose, supposed) to meet the mayor at the reception.

b. supposed

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8. (Points: 2)
(They're, There) are twenty-four computers in each English lab.

b. There

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9. (Points: 2)
Let the doorman know when (you're, your) ready to leave.

a. you're

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10. (Points: 2)
I would like to know (who's, whose) jacket this is.

b. whose

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