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I am studying Fire Science Engineering. I have a question concerning my homework. The question is A compartment measures 3 meters by 5 meters and is 2.8 meters high. A fire raises the temperature from 20 degrees C to 1000 degrees C. If the starting pressure was one atmosphere, what pressure is present at the elevated temperature assuming the compartment remains closed? This will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    If the compartment is closed, the number of moles and volume are constant, so the ideal gas law tells you that
    P/T = constant
    where T is the absolute temperature.

    P2/T2 = P1/T1

    P2 = (T2/T1)*P1 = 1273/293 = 4.345 atm

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    Thank you so much for the help. Appreciate it. Take Care.

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