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MATH 8TH GRADE Correction

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Sorry I forgot to give directions for each problem. The lines represent that the numbers are fractions. Thank you.

ã7/ã8 ~ ã24/ã49 =

ã45/ã81 =

7ã3/ã5 =

  • MATH 8TH GRADE Correction -

    I don't understand the ã symbol. What is the ~ supposed to represent? Multiplication? Better to use * or x' fr that

    If ã means "square root, and ~ means multiplication, then
    sqrt7/sqrt8 * sqrt24/sqrt49
    = sqrt[7/8)*(24/49)]
    = sqrt(3/7)

  • MATH 8TH GRADE Correction -

    Yes, You figured out what I was trying
    to submit. Thank you very much.
    I did resubmit with correct signs directly to you.


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