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(5) In this experiment MnO4-is reduced to Mn
2+ by the unknown. What is the equivalent
weight of MnO4-
for this experiment? 52.68
(6) How many equivalents of electrons were transferred from the unknown solution?
(7) What is the Normality of the 1.00 mL of the unknown solution?
(8) If 2 moles of electrons are required to oxidize 1 mole of unknown, what is the molarity of
the unknown solution?
(9) What piece of data is necessary to calculate the unknown’s equivalent weight

KMnO4 .0097 M
Amount of unknown 1 ml
Change in volume 25 ml

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    (5) The equivalent weight of the KMnO4 is 158.034/5 = about 31.
    I can't help you with the others because you didn't include all of the informatin from the experiment.

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