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Posted by Ann on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 9:16pm.

Need to draw a single line under the Complete Subject, and a double line under the Complete Prediate. Thanks?

1. Hundreds of were flying around the dock.

2. Onrainy days, does the fog obiterate your view?

3. A whale's big, bulky body can be a fearsome sight.

4. A huge animal does not necessarily have a huge brain.

5. The giant whale leaped into the air and startled everyone.

6. Cory scenes on television have frightened some people.

7. Yesterday, three high school kids and two pelicans had a fishing contest.

8. Can you guess the results of the contest.

9. In spite of fair warning, the boys took the jet skis beyond the breakwater.

10. Why do teenage boys often ignore good advice?


1. One line: Gulls. Two lines: Hundreds of gulls.
2. One line: Fog. Two lines: all.
3. One line: Whale's. Two lines: A whales big bulky body.
4. 1: Huge animal. 2. All.
5. 1: Giant whale. 2: All.
6. 1: Cory scenes. 2: all.
7. 1: Three Highschool kids and two pelicans. 2: all
8. 1: results of the contest. 2: all
9. 1: the boys. 2: the boys took the jet skis beyond the breakwater
10. 1: Teenage boys. 2: Teenage boys often ignore good advice

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