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Posted by Fellon on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 12:06pm.

Who can help me to double check my Quiz ....please?
Question 1 of 10

According to Freud, the psychosexual stage that occurs during the first year of life is called the ___________ stage.

A. Latency

B. Anal

->C. Oral

D. Phallic
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Question 2 of 10

Davey is a person who strives to be a perfectionist. When he does not meet his self-imposed goals, he is likely to feel guilt and shame. A Freudian would probably say that Davey's personality is dominated by his ________.

A. Id

B. Ego

->C. Superego

D. Libido
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Question 3 of 10 2.0 Points

Which of the following is an effective approach for estimating heritability of a trait or behavior?

A. Studying parents whose children look like them and take after them in many ways.

->B. Comparing fraternal twins with same-sex siblings to determine if the twins are more alike

C. Comparing blood relatives within a family to determine if a trait "runs" in the family

D. Comparing twins to determine whether identical twins are more alike than are fraternal twins
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Question 4 of 10 2.0 Points

According to Carl Jung, part of the legacy of human history is a ________.

A. A collective unconscious shared by all human beings containing universal memories, symbols, images, and themes

->B. Womb envy shared by all men, consisting of universal memories and symbols of the "Earth Mother"

C. Mystical unconscious shared by all human beings containing symbols from each of the major world religions.

D. Penis envy shared by all women, consisting of universal memories and symbols of the "Powerful Father"
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Question 5 of 10 2.0 Points

Manny is an artist. He is creative, imaginative, and curious. Which of the Big Five personality traits pertains to Manny's characteristic behavior?

A. Introversion vs. Extroversion

->B. Openness to experience vs. resistance to experience

C. Neuroticism vs. emotional stability

D. Agreeableness vs. antagonism
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Question 6 of 10 2.0 Points

A method used by parents to enforce moral standards is power assertion, which includes all of the following except ________.

A. Threats

->B. Physical punishment

C. Taking away privileges

D. Induction
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Question 7 of 10 2.0 Points

Fifteen-year-old Terrill is currently asking himself the question "Who am I?" He is considering possible career options and is setting a goal to attend college. Terrill is in the process of resolving Erikson's crisis of ________.

->A. Identity vs. role confusion

B. Intimacy vs. isolation

C. Ego integrity vs. despair

D. Trust vs. mistrust
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Question 8 of 10 2.0 Points

The fastest growing segment of the population in North America consists of people ________.

A. Age 40 - 50

B. Age 20 - 30

C. Age 60 - 65

->D. Over age 85
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Question 9 of 10 2.0 Points

A culture in which people tend to see themselves as autonomous and prize individual goals and wishes above duty and relations with others would be described as a(n) ________.

A. Individualist

->B. Autonomic

C. Narcissistic

D. Collectivist
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Question 10 of 10 2.0 Points

Children who have been beaten, neglected, or routinely subjected to verbal or physical abuse by their parents are more likely than other children to ________.

A. Abide by the law

->B. Have more emotional problems

C. Attend college

D. Stay in school
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Thanks in advance !!!

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