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Thanks for the websites, I have a worksheet of a list of all the elements and principles, but i am still struggling as to which elements and which principles apply to this painting "Polly, Minou and Eon" by Will Barnet..any suggestions??

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    Go down the list you have or the list in the link I gave you below and make notes for yourself. DO NOT TRY TO WRITE WHOLE SENTENCES RIGHT AWAY.

    What lines are there?
    What shapes or forms?
    What colors?
    Any perspective?

    Go down those lists and make notes of your ideas. You cannot start writing sentences and paragraphs until you have done this basic observation and documentation process.

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    i could not determine which lines are in this piece?(contour, directional, linear, implied) it doesnt seem like there are any, because they're not showed

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    The yarn is not shown in lines?

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    Not knowing just what list you have and how detailed it might be, here are some questions you might ask yourself:
    1. Are the lines gaphic, curved, straight, directional, horizontal, vertical, diagonal?
    2. Is the shape naturalistic, geometric?
    3. Is the space/size large, mediium, small, in proportion?
    4. Is the value light, ark?
    5. Is the color just a hue or chroma (check Color Wheel)
    6. Is the texture souft, hard, rough, smooth?
    7. Do you find any unity, harmony, balance, contrast, rhythm, dominance, gradation?

    Any composition is an arrangements of all the elements, becomin g a unfied whole. Do y ou have any emotion seeing this painting? These attributes are emotional )active, passive), Esthetic (realistic, impressionistic, abstract, decorative) and Spatian (depth, flat.

    Just an aside, most French cats are called "Minou!"

    Sra (aka Mme)

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