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Thank you. I have a few doubts on a summary I made.

1)A set of apparel items is the same as a set of clothing items?
2) She caused something of a scandal by (for is wrong?) having love affairs with wealthy men.
3) Versace used to give only an ambiguous drawing of his designs ("do you know a synonym for "give a drawing"?)
4) He was inspired (he got inspiration from is possible?) by neo-classic styles, among others, and then forged ahead. (what does "forged ahead" mean?)
5) Shops are open (opened) from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 am to 6 pm.
6) This can be a drawback not so much to the weared but as to those around him.

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    1. Yes, "apparel" and "clothing" mean the same thing.

    2. Yes, use "by."

    3. Versace used to display only ambiguous sketches (or ambiguous designs).

    4. Yes, those two variations will work. And "forged ahead" means continued or went forward.

    5. Use "open" in this case, not "opened." And if you're going to write 8.00 am, then also write 6.00 pm.

    6. "weared"??

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