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Science (urgent)

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Hi I really need to know this I've asked a couple times but haven't gotten an answer yet.

In the reaction X + Y ® Z, Z is the
A) substrate.
B) product.
C) enzyme.
D) carbon molecule.

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    Assuming you meant an arrow instead of a "Reserved" sign, it should be B, Product. The substrate is something being acted upon in a reaction (I'm assuming this is for a biology/biochemistry class, so in that case the substrate is what's being acted on by the enzyme). An enzyme is a complex protein that acts on another chemical (the substrate). So X or Y could the enzyme or substrate. Given the general form of the equation, they could be any molecules, so 'carbon molecule' doesn't make sense. Finally, when two things react together they PRODUCE the PRODUCT.

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    K thank you very much and actually that's how the question was written which threw me off completely. (I think it stands for chemical reaction, it was random to see though). Thank you for your help though. I understand it much better now!

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